5-part TV-series for ARD Mediathek, released January 2023

„Asbest“ stands for the toxic substance inside the walls of a Berlin prison as well as for the toxic relations amongst inmates. Director Kida Khodr Ramadan, who also plays an all-powerful prison-godfather, takes us inside a secret web of organised crime, territorial fighting and corruption. German rap-star Xidir aka Alian Koder makes his acting debut as a 19-year-old convict, who insists he is not guilty but has been sentenced to 9 years. But is he really innocent? He is desperately fighting not to be sucked into a world of crime. The concept for the 5-part-gangster series was created by Katja Eichinger.

Neon bars instead of flood lights, prison walls instead of football stadium: Up and coming footballer Momo Kaval (Xidir) can’t believe what’s happening! He's been sent to prison for an armed robbery committed by his cousins whose rap sheet is longer than the German premier league. His uncle Amar (Stipe Erceg), who together with Hassan (Veysel Gelin) heads an infamous Berlin crime family, has other plans for his nephew than a career as a professional footballer. He wants Momo to start dealing drugs inside prison for the family business. But he’s not the only one who wants to instrumentalise Momo for his agenda: There’s also the softly-spoken pimp Henry (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and the seemingly all-powerful prison-godfather (Kida Khodr Rmadan). They all want the “newbie” to be on their side. Momo tries to stay out of it, but he doesn’t know the rules of the game. His girlfriend Daniela (Lulu Hacke) continues to believe in him, but behind bars Momo has to withstand violence and blackmail. How long will he keep up his defense? And is the prison’s own football team more than a diversion?

WIth more than 8 million viewers, ASBEST is the most successful series ever produced for ARD Mediathek.

Momo Kaval Xidir Koder Alian | Daniela Nowak Lulu Hacke
Amila Kaval Jasmin Tabatabai | Therapeutin Weber Nicolette Krebitz
Katharina König Claudia Michelsen | Wiktor David Kross
Champagner Charlie Ludwig Trepte | Achim Wehrich Detlev Buck
Tayo Mortel Jovete | Kurde Kida Khodr Ramadan | Holger Frederick Lau
Tamsir Hubert Koundé | Sharif Kaval Burak Yiğit | Peter Stoltz Anatole Taubman Trainer Gerd Meier Uwe Preuss | Beamtin Möhlenbein Susana AbdulMajid Henry Wetzel Wotan Wilke Möhring | Ámar Stipe Erceg | Hassan Veysel Gelin Patrick Weiß Jan Georg Schütte | Herr Nowak Christian Kahrmann
Julia Anna Bardavelidze | Jameel Kaval Shadi Eck | Atzen Uwe Sönke Möhring Dr. Rabor Sabin Tambrea | Simon Alexander Beyer

Director Kida Khodr Ramadan
Writers Juri Sternburg, Katja Eichinger (created by)
D.o.P. Simon Dat Vu
Light Richard Nitsche
Production design Agi Dawaachu, Matthias Klemme
Costume Tabassom Charaf
Hair & Make-Up Aylin Özbay
Casting Peti Misaila
Soundtrack Marco Freivogel, Jonas Karsten
Sound Andreas Mücke
Editors Olivia Retzer, Lukas Meissner, Julia Willi
Line Producers Cornelia Schmidt-Matthiesen, Sandra Moll
Producers Dan Maag, Frank Kusche, Patrick Zorer, Marco Beckmann, Elena Erbenich (all for Pantaleon Films)
Co-Producer Katja Eichinger
ARD/Degeto Carolin Hasis, Christoph Pellander