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Excessively Elegant: Charlie Watts & the Modern Dandy Rock’n roll is, without a question, one of the best inventions of the 20th century.  Rock’n roll made rebellion a tangible experience.  We feel the beat and sense the eroticism of freedom.   Whatever else it can be, rock’n roll is an electrifying mélange of authenticity and striking […]


Was ist Mode? Was erzählen wir über uns, wenn wir uns kleiden? Und woher kommt die Lust an Inszenierung und Selbstausdruck? In zehn Essays beschreibt MODE UND ANDERE NEUROSEN die Verbindungen zwischen Hermès und Habermas, Karl Marx und Virgil Abloh, Nick Cave und Miuccia Prada sowie Sigmund Freud und ZARA. Fast Fashion und Nachhaltigkeit sowie […]


Video by Herburg Weiland, Munich for LOVE AT THE MALL, the first single from the album JUNKSPACE by Tempers featuring Rem Koolhaas.


Concept album dedicated to the shopping mall by NYC duo Tempers featuring Rem Koolhaas.   If architecture is indeed frozen music, JUNKSPACE is what melting shopping malls might sound like.   I conceptualized and produced JUNKSPACE after I interviewed Rem Koolhaas  about the remodeling of the KaDeWe department store in Berlin. Visionary, controversial and undoubtedly […]

Shopping Malls

  The Suburbanization of the Soul   Shopping, alongside soccer, traffic jams, and anxiety in the face of the looming socioeconomic apocalypse, is the last folkloristic ritual of modern society. In our increasingly fragmented culture, shopping – i.e. the act of strolling through zones of consumption, punctuated by occasional purchases – is one of the […]



for your safety

Photo essay for “World of Malls” exhibition at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (2016).  

Rem Koolhaas

Architektur ist laut Schilling „erstarrte Musik.“ Die Bauten von Rem Koolhaas, dem wohl einflussreichsten Architekten der Gegenwart, scheinen dies zu bestätigen. In ihrer radikalen und immer wieder atemberaubenden Modernität erinnern sie mich an Dimitri Shostakovich oder David Bowies „Diamond Dogs.“ Koolhaas selbst muss bei der Frage nach dem musikalischen Bezug seiner Arbeit lachen. Nein. Architektur […]




the beginning was the Word. What a mighty sentence. It reverberates in one’s brain like a peal of thunder. In six words, Western culture and the way in which we experience our reality are distilled into their essence. Anyone who, like Faust, is hungering for revelation need look no further in matters of Creation. The […]


  Harry must have stood there for almost an hour, hardly moving, his arms folded over his chest, when he saw Mona coming out of Electra Drive and walking onto Mount Olympus. She was wearing running shoes and a tracksuit. Harry immediately picked up his keys and left the house. He knew the canyon and […]



  “Filmmaking is a matter of life and death.” Bernd Eichinger   The best-selling book about the wild and often outrageous life of Germany’s biggest film producer, Bernd Eichinger featuring interviews with Stan Lee, Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, Tom Tykwer, Uli Edel and Henry Rollins among others.     Reviews:   “Katja Eichinger has written […]


  Presented by Glenn O’Brien and Katja Eichinger YES! YES! YES! WARHOLMANIA IN MUNICH was a  collaboration between the Museum Brandhorst and Filmfest München, featuring the painterly and cinematic work of Andy Warhol.   For the first time, the Museum Brandhorst presented its entire collection of works by Andy Warhol in one go to mark […]


  Giorgio Moroder & Katja Eichinger present THE SOUND OF MUNICH   The SOUND OF MUNICH was a retrospective of films featuring soundtracks by Giorgio Moroder as part of the 2012 Munich International Film Festival. The retrospective included various parties and events, during which Moroder DJ’ed for the first time since his heydays as the […]


“Stille erfüllte das Haus, doch irgendwo im Garten gab es einen Swimming Pool, in dem sich das Wasser unruhig kräuselte.”   So beginnt J.G. Ballards dystopischer Roman “Super Cannes” und beschreibt damit perfekt den ewigen Widerspruch und damit auch die ewige Verlockung der Cote d’Azur. Seit fast zwanzig Jahren komme ich nun schon hierher. Und […]

Cote d’Azur

Published in VOGUE Germany May issue 2016.

dog races

Jasmine – Bad Times

  Warhol inspired video for Jasmine Golestaneh’s debut single BAD TIMES.